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Eyewear & Sunglasses

Discover our “by eyeness” and “shades by eyeness” collections


Eyewear & Sunglasses

Discover our “by eyeness” and “shades by eyeness” collections


All our lenses are guaranteed brand quality from Rodenstock and are completely glazed and assembled in our laboratory in Switzerland.


Spare pair of glasses for CHF 196

Our offer is primarily directed towards contact lens wearers who are looking for affordable glasses for occasional wear in addidtion to their contact lenses. Choose from our current selection of more than 100 frames your single vision glasses in your prescription (+/-6.0dpt), including high-quality super-reflected lenses, for only CHF 196.- Do you need progressive glasses for distance and near vision (+/-6.0dpt)? We offer you such comfort, including frame and super mirrored lenses for only CHF 660.- All of our lenses are certified brand quality from Rodenstock and are fully glazed and assembled in Switzerland.

by eyeness

Discover our own eyewear collection! Too beautiful to be described, come and check them out.

Children and teenagers

For unadulterated fun while playing and learning: children’s eyewear from eyeness.

Nowadays, children’s glasses not only perfectly compensate for vision problems, but they are also really stylish. Teasing is a thing of the past. To ensure that children and parents feel comfortable during consultation and eyewear selection, the space has been completely redesigned to be child-friendly. Welcome to the children’s eyewear paradise.

shades by eyeness

Our own sunglasses collection is here! Personalities have charisma, quirks, corners and edges. That is what makes them interesting and unique. Just like our sunglasses collection. Selected treasures for people with style and charme, developed for cultivated and dynamic people.

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