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Terms and Conditions

The measurement and assessment of the eyes, as well as the individual consultation, fitting of contact lenses and handling instruction are charged according to the effective effort. An offer is possible only after the measurement of the eyes and data analysis.

Diagnostic lenses

Depending on the course of the fitting, several diagnostic lenses may be needed, which will increase the final price of the fitting by the additional material cost. All diagnostic lenses must be returned within 3 months, otherwise the full amount will be charged.

Care Solution

The care product is perfectly matched and selected after a precise analysis of the tear film, lens material and compatibility.

Termination contact lens fitting / courtesy

If you decide not to continue wearing lenses after the trial period, you will only be charged for the material costs incurred. We will not charge you for the service we actually provide during the contact lens fitting.

Mode of payment

The initial consultation (visual and optometric status) worth CHF 280 is billed after the service has been performed, regardless of the further procedure. Contact lens fittings are billed separately after completion of the trial period at an hourly rate. For direct payment (cash, TWINT, debit and credit cards) we grant a 5% discount on all services (except subscriptions and glasses).

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