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Our Optometry - Team

Dr. Michael Bärtschi

Ph.D. Biomedicine
M.Sc. Optometrist FAAO / FEAOO
Master of Medical Education, Universität Bern
Owner and Chairman of the Board

«Life is a constant flow of ideas and innovations.»
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Marc Fankhauser

M.Sc. Optometrist SBAO 
Contact lens Specialist VDCO
Board of Directors

«Our flaxseed oil is an excellent alternative to improve dry eyes.»
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Michael Wyss

M.Sc. Optometrist FAAO
Contact lens Specialist SBAO
Board of Directors

«Unconventional solutions combined with the latest technology – wellness for your eyes»
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Janine Kunz

B.Sc. Optometristin ECOO
Contact lens Specialist SBAO

«Our eyes are strongly challenged every day. Keeping them healthy is close to my heart.»
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Yasna Glauser

B.Sc. Optometristin ECOO
Contact lens Specialist SBAO

«Fascination of the eye – experiencing the versatility of our visual system grips me anew every day.»
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Eva Neuenschwander

B.Sc. Optometristin ECOO
Contact lens Specialist SBAO

«Our eyes – small, complex and always fascinating.»                                                                                                   
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Unsere Optometrie-Assistenz

Anna Scheidegger

since 2003 with us

«At the gym or at work, my contact lenses have ensured my vision since I was 18.»

Laura Wüthrich

since 2019 with us

«In spring and in the cold winter season, eye drops also help me so that my eyes do not bother me.»   

Caroline Reusser

since 2020 with us

«Thanks to my contact lenses, I enjoy the beautiful view while “Aareböötlen”.»

Selina Schüpbach

sonce 2022 with us

Nina Schmid

since 2022 with us

«To protect my eyes from UV radiation, my sunglasses accompany me throughout the year.»

Buchhaltung und Personalleitung

Franziska Bärtschi

Co-Owner and Board of Directors

The fairy godmother in the team and your contact person for accounting questions.

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